Wailing wind was a divine magic spell available to druids of Eldath, the Mother Guardian of Groves. It warned the caster of any intrusion on a designated space and carried the sound of the intruder to the caster.[1]


A beginning caster could alarm a volume of space up to the equivalent of a 10 ft (3 m) cube up to 15 ft (4.6 m) away. This maximum volume increased dramatically for higher level casters while the range increased at a more moderate, linear rate. The area of effect was described verbally in the casting of the spell and could conform to a room, a passageway, a doorway, a cave mouth, a cavern, etc. When any creature larger than a common honeybee entered the designated area, the wailing wind whistled from the intruder's location toward the caster, carrying any speech or noises with it for one minute, but fading out after 100 yd (91 m). Again, higher level casters could extend this duration and range.[1]

The wailing wind had a unique tone and could be heard by anything with ears. Any speech or sound from the trigger location was amplified by the wind to assist the listener(s) in recognizing the potential threat. Once triggered, the caster could dismiss the wind before the duration ended, if desired. For beginning druids, the wailing wind could only be set off once, but more experienced druids got multiple uses from this spell.[1]

The caster had to be on the same plane of existence as the alarmed location for the wind to blow in the right direction, otherwise that activation of the spell was wasted.[1]


Only verbal chants and describing the area to be alarmed were required to cast this spell.[1]


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