Wangle Towerstruck was a male human ranger, an agent of the crown of Cormyr and a member of the Harpers. He managed Wangle's Livery in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s DR.[1]


Wangle served the crown of Cormyr, watching affairs in and around Thunderstone on behalf of King Azoun IV, and in particular keeping an eye on the Purple Dragons troop commanded by Oversword Faril Laheralson. Although their misdeeds would go unpunished for a while yet, if they got completely out of control, he would have Azoun's authority to deal with it.

Furthermore, Wangle was also an agent of the Harpers, also watching affairs on behalf of Those Who Harp. This fact was unknown to the crown, though Wangle was loyal and devoted to both organizations.

As part of his cover in Thunderstone, Wangle managed a livery in the town, where he traded in all kinds of livestock, especially horses. He would also stable mounts, giving good feed, grooming, and cleaning, as well as veterinary care and re-shoeing as needed. He had a knack for judging horses.[1]


Wangle was noble-minded, conscientious, and fearless, as well as a wily operator and talented actor. He was loyal to the Cormyrean crown, but also devoted to the Harpers.

In Thunderstone, Wangle put on an act as slow- and simple-minded, and child-like. He would not break his cover unless absolutely vital, and he would have those he revealed the truth to swear an oath never to repeat it.[1]


He was a giant of a man, tall and large.[1]


The Purple Dragons that Wangle was keeping an eye on were condescending to him, and adopted him as like a simple-minded younger brother, or as a mascot.[1]


As an accomplished ranger, Wangle was able to cast a few spells and had hobgoblins as a special foe.[1]


In battle, he wielded a +2 short sword of quickness, and also had a dagger, hammer, short bow and arrows. He wore bracers of defense, boots of varied tracks, and a Harper pin.[1]



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