The War of the Twins, (or the War of the Harts,[1]) was a war of succession that took place in the kingdom of Hartsvale in the late 14th century DR.[2]



When King Blod of the line of Hartkiller died, he left behind two twin princes, Camden and Dunstan. Since each had equal right to the throne, they began a long and deadly war against each other.[2]


The War of the Twins lasted for three years.[1] Camden ultimately resorted to an alliance with the Ice Spire ogre tribe led by the shaman Goboka. To pay for their services, Camden, who at the time was childless, promised to give the ogres his firstborn daughter at the time when she came of age. Since daughters were rare in his family, he made this deal.[2][3][4]

Camden and Goboka's strategy was to use a small band of ogres to pull out Dunstan's forces from their defensible position so that a larger allied force of humans and ogres could attack. The plan was successful, and Dunstan was defeated.[5]


While Camden won the war and became king, he alienated many of his subjects in the process. Moreover, his wife soon gave birth to a daughter, Brianna.[2] Despite marrying and divorcing many times, Camden could produce no male heir.[5] When Princess Brianna reached adulthood in 1366 DR, the ogres demanded that Camden keep his promise,[3] and he allowed them to kidnap her.[6]


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