Ward Mossfeld was a male human of the village of West Harbor on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.[1]


Ward, like his brothers, was the member of West Harbor militia.[1]


Ward was the bully of the West Harbor, who would tease Kalach-Cha, Bevil Starling and Amie Fern. They were the champions of the Harvest Fair several years.[1]

During the Harvest Fair, Ward and his brothers were the winners of the Harvest Brawl. The Kalach-Cha, after defeating the Lannon siblings, would've faced him and his brothers, Wyl and Webb. If the Kalach-Cha, Amie and Bevil were defeated, they could've asked Merring for a rematch or submit that the Mossfelds won.[1]

During the attack of bladelings and duergar, the Kalach-Cha could've encountered Ward, who would ask for their help. The Kalach-Cha could've healed him (either through magic or getting Merring's herbs) to get him to the field, or simply slay him due to "his wounds being too thick to be healed".[1]

When the Kalach-Cha returns to the village to craft the Sword of Gith, he/she encountered Ward and his brothers. However, it was an ambush, as they were shadows.[1]



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