A warhammer is a one-handed melee weapon.


Resembling a large, heavy sledge hammer (striking surfaces on either side of the head), the warhammer was originally adapted from the tools of laborers and craftsmen but is no longer suitable for anything but combat. An average warhammer costs 12gp and weighs 5lbs (2.3kg).[1] In 2nd edition D&D, the warhammer cost 2gp and weighed 6lbs (2.7kg).[2]


The warhammer is normally wielded one-handed and is considered a martial weapon that deals bludgeoning damage. They are favored by dwarves (especially those following Moradin), and clerics of Gond, Grumbar, and Istishia.

Notable warhammersEdit

Wulfgar's preferred melee weapon.
favored weapon of Gond
Hammer of Tyr
a holy relic



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