The Warlock Knights were the lords of Vaasa in the 15th century DR.[1]


The knights were ruled by the leader of the Ironfell Council, the Voice of Telos.[1]


Landless knights and petty nobles, knights of this rank served as assassins, spies, and soldiers for higher-ranking knights.[1]
Landed knights who exercised absolute dominion over their lands and who maintained their own fighting forces.[1]
Members of an independent sect created by the Voice of Telos who performed a function similar to that of priests in other lands.[1]


Warlock Knights were the elite fighting force of that realm and only a few were considered worthy to join the ranks.[1]

It was not uncommon for Warlock Knights to be accompanied by Bound Ones, or nishaadhri, who were wizards who swore them fealty in exchange for the freedom to pursue their magical study.[2]


All Warlock Knights wore a simple ring made of ironfell and many practiced ritual magic using their rings.[1]



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