Warrenwood was a small but densely overgrown forest found near the middle of Bloodstone Barony.[1][2]

The forest's name was derived from the Warren fortress found under the ground.[1]


Warrenwood was located several miles southeast of Bloodstone Village along the western banks of the Beaumaris River.[2]


Warrenwood was the home of a large clan of centaurs in the region.[1]

Emelyn ran a school for centaurs within the forest, but this was destroyed by the forces of Zhengyi. Emelyn vowed to rebuild the school with the help of his apprentice, Gabrielle.[1]


The forest served as a point of ambush during the Bloodstone Wars by the invading forces of Ostel, Morov and Polten. Hidden within the thick forest, the invaders attacked the Bloodstone army but were crushed in a single night because of aid received from soldiers from the Warren and the native centaurs.[1]



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