Wartle was a slaad lord and a rival of Ygorl.[1]


Ygorl defeated him and imprisoned him in the form of a meteor, casting the meteor toward Celestia in the hope that this would destroy him. The chaotic aura of the meteor caused madness and mutations to spring up among the celestials around it, on a citadel of the astral deva Arelsis in the ocean of Lunia. After being contained, he may have been destroyed by being brought to Chronias, the highest heaven, or he may have been sent back to Limbo to give a lesson to the other lords that Celestia was not to be used as their dumping ground.[1]


Although he was a Lord of Chaos, Wartle was not as powerful as Ssendam or Ygorl. Wartle appeared as a short (five-and-a-half feet tall), bloated toad, colored grayish brown with sickly green spots. His skull was crested with small, backwards-pointing horns. He could also take the shape of a short, pudgy human with a whiny, raspy-sounding voice. In both forms he was covered in warts. He fought with a magical morning star that could also fight on its own.[2]


Wartle appeared, superficially, to be weak, cowardly, and incompetent, though he was actually a powerful and deadly creature. He had been described as whimsical, flippant, inconsistent, crude, and insulting. He was a notorious liar. He regularly demeaned the other slaad lords, and in turn was not well-regarded on his plane, though some lesser slaadi took a liking to him.[2]


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