The Watchful Eye was an inn in Essembra around 1368 DR.[2]


The building was a huge and half-timbered converted manor house.[3]


The inside of the Eye was a well furnished comfortable looking establishment with good rooms, as Volothamp Geddarm stated in Volo's Guide to the Dalelands, "a trifle sparsely and simply decorated".[3]


The Watchful Eye of Essembria was a relaxing establishment, but was famous for it's kitchen.[3]


The owner of the Watchful Eye was Chesduk Malrit and his three daughters, Aleesha Malrit, Baernysse Malrit, and Lathyleea Malrit.[1]


The inn served served wonderful meat pies.[1]


  • All drinks for 6 cp per tall tankard or tall glass


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