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Water naga

4th Edition Statistics
Type Immortal magical beast
Subtype Naga, Scaled One

3rd Edition Statistics[1]
Type Aberration
Subtype Aquatic
Alignment Usually neutral
Challenge Rating 7

General Information
Homeland(s) oceans and rivers
Language(s) Aquan, Common
Average Length 10 ft.
Average Weight 250 lbs.
Skin Color greens, blues, and all the colors in between
Distinctions frilled spines

Water nagas lived within oceans and rivers, protecting hidden treasures claimed by these waterways. They preferred solitude and isolation.


Water nagas were about ten feet long and weighed about 250 pounds. They had scales the color of the waters in which they lived—greens, blues, and all the colors in between. Their bodies were lined with frilled spines that stood on edge when excited or agitated.


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