Waterfall Kiss was a scented facial wash invented by Jhamanthra Tsathree around the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR.[1]


Waterfall Kiss was a secret blend of herbs brewed with water that was clear with a slightly oily feel and a strong scent. It was sold in "handbottles" for 3 gp each at Tsathree's Comforts on Golden Serpent Street in the North Ward of Waterdeep. While in demand for faddish reasons, the resale value of a full bottle was reported to be double or triple the original price.[1]


This hygiene product was purported to cleanse the skin, remove "tired skin", and leave a pleasant scent after rinsing. It was soon found to have another, probably unintended, property. After washing with Waterfall Kiss and applying certain rouges and powders that were in fairly common use among the matrons of Waterdeep, the treated skin began to glow a vivid green. This effect came on suddenly some hours after the application of makeup and lasted for a few more hours.[1]


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