For a weapon master, perfection is found in the mastery of a single melee weapon. A weapon master seeks to unite this weapon of choice with the body to make them one and to use the weapon as naturally and without thought as any other limb.

Source of Power Edit

Like other classes such as the monk, red avenger, and master samurai, the weapon master uses an esoteric force known as ki to increase his lethality in combat. His goal is to unite his weapon of choice with his body, and be able to use it without conscious effort as naturally as he would use any other limb. Individual weapon masters are often named for their weapons: for instance, a weapon master who uses longswords would be a "longsword master," a warhammer wielder would be a "warhammer master," etc.

Weapon Master Abilities Edit

Weapon of Choice 
At first level, a weapon master selects one melee weapon type (e.g. longswords, kukris, etc.) to use exclusively as their Weapon of Choice. Their weapon master abilities only function while wielding a masterwork weapon of that type. Monks can select their unarmed combat style.
Ki Damage 
Once per day per level, a weapon master may choose to make a special attack with his weapon of choice. If this attack hits, it automatically inflicts maximum damage.
Increased Multiplier 
At second level, a weapon master can focus ki to improve their chance of landing a critical blow once per day. They gain an additional use of this skill at each even-numbered level thereafter.
Superior Weapon Focus
At third level, a weapon master's blows become more accurate.
Superior Combat Reflexes
At fifth level, a weapon master gains impressive skill at striking retreating targets.
Ki Critical 
At seventh level, a weapon master's critical threat range increases by 2 when using their Weapon of Choice.
Ki Whirlwind 
The weapon master's whirlwind attack becomes much faster, doing the same amount of damage in less time.