The Weary Giant was an inn, tavern, and orphanage in Stagwick, Hartsvale, known for being the home of the adventurers Tavis Burdun and Avner of Hartwick.[1][2]


The inn was large enough inside for even a fire giant to dance upon its stage, and in fact, such performances were often held there,[1] as it was the only lodge in the entire village.[3] It also had a stable.[1]

The inn served elderberry tarts, a delicious dessert.[1]


The inn was once owned by a woman named Isa Wirr, who raised Tavis and other orphans whom she allowed to live there.[3] When Isa died, she passed the inn on to Tavis, and he became its proprietor.[2]

In 1366 DR, after a performance in which both Princess Brianna and Lord Mayor Ruther Dobbin were in attendance, the book thief Basil hid in the stable, but he was hidden by the orphan Avner.[1]

Also, that same night, Brianna was abducted by ogres on her way home from the inn to Castle Hartwick along Coggin's Rise.[3]




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