Weathertell was an arcane divination spell that allowed the caster to foresee natural weather conditions a few hours ahead.[1]


This spell had to be cast outdoors where the caster was able to see and hear the current weather conditions. When cast, he or she instantly gained knowledge of prevailing wind direction and speed, precipitation type and strength, and any unusual weather conditions (such as cyclones) that would naturally occur in the very near future. The extent of this knowledge was the surrounding area of the caster and a number of hours into the future equal to the caster's level. The path of phenomena such as tornadoes could not be predicted accurately enough to know where they would touch down or what they would hit, just whether or not they would appear in the general area. Only natural weather could be predicted by this spell. Any manipulation by other magical forces could not be foreseen.[1]


This spell required verbal, somatic, and unspecified material components.[1]


This spell was associated with the pirates roaming the Sea of Fallen Stars.[2]


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