Webb Mossfeld was a male human of the village of West Harbor on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.[1]


Webb, like his brothers, was the member of West Harbor militia.[1]


Webb was the bully of the West Harbor, who would tease Kalach-Cha, Bevil Starling and Amie Fern. They were the champions of the Harvest Fair several years.[1]

During the Harvest Fair, Webb and his brothers were the winners of the Harvest Brawl. The Kalach-Cha, after defeating the Lannon siblings, would've faced him and his brothers, Wyl and Ward. If the Kalach-Cha, Amie and Bevil were defeated, they could've asked Merring for a rematch or submit that Mossfelds won.[1]

During the attack of bladelings and duergar, the Kalach-Cha could've encountered Webb, who would fight the attackers. Once finished, he could've been asked to go to the field to defend the town.[1]

When the Kalach-Cha returns to the village to craft the Sword of Gith, he/she encountered Ward and his brothers. However, it was an ambush, as they were shadows.[1]



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