Weeping Willow Inn was an inn in the Mere of Dead Men. It was the only inn for miles around, so was a frequent stop for travellers of that part of the High Road.[1]


The Weeping Willow Inn was located between West Harbor and Fort Locke.[1]


Like most swamp buildings, this inn was built from wood and stone.[1]


The inn is built in two layers: the first one had a bar, while the second floor had rooms for travelers to rest.[1]


The Weeping Willow had gained a certain unpleasant reputation amongst its visitors. Some said it was the pine forest, that the owner had built it too close to the trees and the wild crept in on snowy nights, others that a young girl had been strangled under the floorboards of the cellar. Either way, it was a desolate place: the landlord spent most of his evenings drinking alone in the bar, and guests were few and far between on the hard, winter-bound road. If any traveler did stumble into the warmth of the rooms, caught out in the storm, you could be sure that there was more on his mind than a good night's sleep.[1]

Before Jorik, Weeping Willow inn's owner, discovered the inn, he learned that it was a house and around it was a village that got destroyed. He presumed that the King of Shadows' forces destroyed the village.[1]

In 1374 DR, the Kalach-Cha passed through the inn when a dwarf named Khelgar Ironfist fought with some bandits, who demanded money. Once Khelgar defeated the bandits, he invited the Kalach-Cha into the inn and told his story. Out of sudden, the inn was attacked by bladelings and duergar. A woman, Gera, requested of them to rescue his husband, Zachan from bladelings, on the second floor. The Kalach-Cha and Khelgar could've also rescued Galen from duergar as well. Once Khelgar and the Kalach-Cha went out, Khelgar decided to join, since they both were headed to Neverwinter.[1]

Since the King of Shadows claimed West Harbor and Fort Locke, it is assumed the Weeping Willow inn was destroyed.[1]





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