Weir trees, also known as weirwoods, were rare trees in Faerûn.[2]


Weir trees resembled oaks and could grow huge in their later years. The most remarkable feature of the weir tree was its leaves: they were silvery brown on the top and velvety black on the bottom.[1][2]

Any weirwood item brought into a magically-lit area would continue to glow for some time after leaving that area.[1]


The wood was not naturally flammable, making it excellent for construction purposes.[3] (Living trees were more fire resistant than harvested wood, however.[1]) It was also often used for making musical instruments, especially lutes, harps, birdpipes, and longhorns, because of its lovely sound.[1]

Alustriel Silverhand created no more than 12 staves out of weirwood that were known as lesser staves of Silverymoon. Weirwood could be used to craft a thyrsus of the druid.[4]


Weir trees were found mainly far into large, old forests. Most weir trees were protected by protectors of the forest, such as dryads, treants, rangers, or druids.[2]

Weir trees were found in the High Forest,[3] where the gold dragon Aerosclughpalar used weir trees to disguise his true treasure.[5] Weir trees were also found in Ardeep Forest.[6]


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