Weldrarn Orblin was a magister who held the title for less than a year in 242 DR.[1]


Weldrarn was an arrogant and brutal wizard.[1]


Weldrarn's magical skills were honed during a series of covert wars between rival clans in Calimshan.[1]

After assuming the title of Magister, he spent much of his time hiding in various castles, hording an arsenal of magic that would allow him to obliterate any challenger. He was rumored to have been working on a special chain of magic that would allow him to hurls dozens of spells at once with minimal effort. It was during this period of research when he was challenged by Tsanbrin Aulmeroevler, who was Weldrarn's third challenge to his title. Weldrarn perished because of his own folly when a tower collapsed on him during their duel.[1]



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