The Well of the Cloven Rock was a popular well and oasis in Anauroch.[1]


The oasis was located in the Hills of Scent in the Sword, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Elah'zad.[1]

The oasis consisted of a large, crescent-shaped lake, surrounded by many varieties of trees, within a grass-filled, bowl-shaped valley in the hills. The lake was fed by a powerful spring that gushed form from a cleft in a large rock in the center of the meadow. At the end of the meadow, the lake drained into a tiny stream that circled the perimeter of the valley.[1]

A well was also here, from before the spring burst forth.[1]

Flora and FaunaEdit

Lions roamed the area and lived near the oasis when not hunting in the Hills of Scent.[1]


The oasis and well were popular among the Bedine tribes. When they encamped here, they always drove away the lions and then posted pairs of guards armed with spears, bows, and swords to keep the tribe safe.[1]



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