A wemic (pronounced: /ˈwɛmɪkWEM-ik[3] or: /ˈwimɪkWEE-mik[3]) was a creature with the upper body of a humanoid and the lower body of a lion. Like centaurs, they were considered "tauric" creatures.[4] Wemics were found primarily in The Shaar, but also in many other lands of Faerûn.[5][6]


Wemics were larger and stronger than humans. A wemic could make great leaps with a running start. Their front claws were sharp, and they could fight with both claws and weapons at the same time. They could also rake with their back claws. They had keen eyesight and hearing. The human part of a wemic had feline characteristics around his or her eyes and ears, and perhaps in the nose and teeth as well. Males were generally represented as having long mane-like hair.[6]


Wemics were excellent hunters and fighters.[5] They did not make settled homes, but generally followed the herds they hunted for food.[4] A nomadic folk, wemics were often represented as barbaric, illiterate,[6] and uncivilized; they were famous for being highly superstitious. Others would describe wemics as nature-oriented people with a rich tradition of oral history. They lived close to the earth and were in tune with its magical forces.[6]


A rumored subspecies was the mountain wemic. It had essentially the same build, but the lion portions were replaced by those of a large cougar. Mountain wemics were slightly smaller than common wemics and generally solitary.[5]


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