Wenslan Amthur was a priest of Deneir at the temple of Deneir in the city of Procampur in the Vast.[1]


By circa 1361 DR, Amthur was Prelate[1] or Hierarch[2] of the temple of Deneir in Procampur, where he had the title of High Scrivener.[3] [note 1]

Amthur permitted a historian writing a history of the Tuigan Horde to examine the temple's complete copy of Vilhiard's A Discovery of the World.[1]

The High Scrivener praised the lama Koja of Khazari, who was a guest at his temple in the Year of the Helm, 1362 DR, for his wisdom and knowledge. The priest Foxe promised to have the High Scrivener distribute Koja's new work, A History of the Tuigan, to every other temple of Deneir.[3] [note 2]



  1. Only the Horde Campaign names Wenslan Amthur and gives Wenslan the title "Prelate". The Horde calls an unnamed leader of the temple "hierarch", and "Patronage" in Realms of Valor calls them high scrivener. Faiths & Avatars page 54 confirms that a high scrivener is the leader of a temple of Deneir, but the precise roles of hierarch and prelate are unclear. Given their respective importance, this article assumes they refer to the same position, but it is possible they represent different steps in a church hierarchy, or different structures of this hierarchy over time.
  2. The High Scrivener is unnamed in "Patronage" in Realms of Valor, but the date is close enough to that of the Horde Campaign to suggest that this is Wenslan Amthur.


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