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Werehyenas were humans in Zakhara who could transform into a hyena-like form.[1]


Most werehyenas were male and usually had long shaggy hair. The long hair concealed a second mouth located at the base of the skull. Werehyenas went to great lengths to keep this hidden.[1]

Their hyena form was usually 6 feet (1.8 m) long and had golden fur on their back with black fur on their belly and feet.[1]


In human form, werehyenas used their special charm powers to avoid combat.[1]

In canine form, werehyenas attacked with a savage bite that could lock on to a victim.[1]

Magical or iron weapons were needed to harm a werehyena. These creatures were also immune to enchantment or charm spells.[1]

Fire was a werehyena's greatest fear. Flaming torches would keep them at bay.[1]


Werehyenas traveled in packs of up to a dozen individuals. A dominant male made all of the decisions for the pack.[1]

Werehyenas mated for life, but only with members of their pack.[1]

While in human form, werehyenas often infiltrated villages and lured victims out to where the rest of the pack waited.[1]


Werehyenas preyed on gullible humans whenever they could. They were also adept scavengers and ate anything they could find to survive.[1]



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