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Basic Information
Home Eveningstar, The Haunted Halls
Gender Male
Race Human
Patron deity Mystra
Born 1331 DR
Died 1355 DR (aged 24)
Rules Information
Alignment Chaotic evil (see Talk page)
Magic-user 2
Game Edition 1st ed.

Whisper was a cruel and calculating mage with great ambition, but he angered the wrong group of adventurers. Working as an agent of the Zhentarim in northern Cormyr, he spied on trade routes and troop movements, organizing raids and ambushes. His ambition was to rise in the ranks of the Zhentarim and also head up his own secret society. To that end, he was gathering agents and organizing strongholds that were under his exclusive control.[1]

Whisper's base was known as Whisper's Crypt, a subterranean lair located beneath the Haunted Halls just north of Eveningstar. When one of his attacks happened to target a group of visiting adventurers led by Doust Sulwood, the attackers were defeated and Doust and his companions learned of Whisper and decided to hunt him down. The adventurers were able to break the enchantments and overcome the guardian creatures and ultimately kill Whisper in his underground home.[1]

In the treasure found in Whisper's crypt were two of the seven Lost Rings of Mhzentul. These were gifted to temples in the area by Doust and his companions.[1]

See also: Mhzentul

Whisper's personal wizard rune was a stylized, clutching human hand, black and claw-like.[1]


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