The White Lady was an amnesiac elf lady in Waterdeep in 1479 DR.[1]


One day in 1479 DR, an elderly lady in a white dress arrived in the Yawning Portal tavern. She drank and ate and afterward started whispering a strange message: "The eye is open. It casts its glance far. Some follow the eye's glance, coming here. Some fall in and spiral down like a whirlpool. Nothing lies at the bottom. Even the darkness is empty. The eye cannot see. The eye is open". For months, the white lady repeated this routine, sometimes only repeating the message in a different language.

One day, some priests of Oghma, believing her a prophet, trying to examine her but she lost her mind, becoming aggressive. Durnan banned her from the Yawning Portal but she came back the next night, continuing her routine and Durnan decided to comply, saying that no one should disturb her.

One day, a suffering and babbling adventurer returned from Undermountain. The white lady approached him and soon she too became afflicted with the same disease as the adventurer. However, her daily mantra stopped the spread of the infection.[1] Possibly, she was infected by the Abyssal Plague.[2]


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