Wibisono was a pirate leader in Panjardu.[1]


Wibisono was born in Nahdatul on the isle of Bawa in the merchant caste, but soon he went ro Djagong, where he joined the yakuza.

After some time, however, he grew bored of the yakuza life and went into wilderness, where he lived for eight years with the savage Kabundusil tribe. During this time, he defeated the hero Harijo Ten Rasid Nahdatul.

Later, he switched careers again and became a pirate leader in Panjardu. In 1357 DR, he was secretly searching for a new base for his pirate activities, probably knowing of an imminent attack on Panjardu.[1]


Despite his love of thrills, Wibisono was a prudent and cautious man. He never fought to the death.[1]



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