Wildcat stalkers are beastmaster rangers who have a special bond with felines such as panthers or wildcats. Less social than other animals, felines are nonetheless valuable as beast companions for their stealth and swiftness and wildcat stalkers seek to evoke these qualities within themselves by taking on a feline as their friend and ally. Wildcat stalkers learn to mimic the behavior of felines, darting in silently only to retreat as swiftly as they come.[1]

Advanced senses, swift strikes, surprise, and cunning are the key weapons of a wildcat stalker, as they are for their feline companion. This similarity of methodology is what drives and binds the two together into a deadly pair, each becoming a strong warrior unto their own but an even stronger unit together. More close partners than one mind, wildcat stalkers and their companions are nonetheless bound closely, moving together silently and inseparably.[2]


Wildcat stalkers seek to emulate the nature of their beast companions, using stealth and guile to overcome weak and powerful foes alike. Striking with swift deadliness, wildcat stalkers learn early on to finish their enemies off quickly. With more experience, wildcat stalkers also learn to change their focus rapidly from a fallen foe to new prey. But deadliness is not all that a wildcat stalker or their companion is and in their elementary training the pair learn to conceal their location on the battlefield with surprising ease, disappearing from sight even as they strike.[2]

The exploits of a wildcat stalker on evoking the feline range of senses and capacity for stealth. Lurk unseen is an exploit learned early on that allows wildcat stalkers and their beasts to move together silently through a battlefield unnoticed. Panther pounce is a more advanced technique that allows the companion of a wildcat stalker to take advantage of this stealth, taking their foe unprepared and dealing them a deadly blow.[2]


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