Wind carpet was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


This spell allowed the caster, or someone they touched, to command a flying carpet created from a glowing magical force. Casters who commanded more magical might could create larger carpets compared to weaker wizards. Their carpets could also carry far more weight.[1]

The carpet flew through the air quickly and deftly but was susceptible to normal and magical damage. A dispel magic spell would instantly destroy it. The carpet flew smoothly, allowing delicate functions such as spellcasting to be performed by the primary controller during travel. The controller remained firmly planted to the carpet even if they were flying upside down. However, any inanimate objects, or other occupants that were not held or tied down could fall off.[1]

Only someone touched by the caster could command the carpet.[1]


This spell required a scrap of woven cloth to cast.[1]



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