Windtomb was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


This spell created an impenetrable tomb of wind that surrounded the target. This spell could be used on virtually anything ranging in size from a small animal to a fortress. Living creatures that were entombed entered a state of suspended animation similar to a temporal stasis spell.[1]

The caster could determine if the windtomb was silent or if it howled or moaned. The cast also decided if the windtomb was invisible or consisted of colored air. Invisible windtombs imparted the invisibility to the target of the spell. Colored air blurred the contents of the windtomb. The caster also determined whether or not divination spells would ascertain the nature of the entombed target.[1]

Living creatures trying to break into or out of the wind tomb were thrown about and suffered damage accordingly. Creatures shifted into another plane could escape damage, though they still could not penetrate the windtomb.[1]

All magical attempts to enter or exit the windtomb failed.[1]

Windtombs were permanent unless dispelled by the caster or by using a full wish, making them the ultimate prisons or vaults.[1]


This spell required a custom-made figurine of the subject that was to be entombed to cast. These figurines cost at least 700 gold pieces.[1]



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