Wine was an alcoholic beverage popular throughout the Realms. Most wines were poured into wooden casks for transport. The casks were then tapped by innkeepers or other consumers. Some monasteries experimented with bottling alcoholic beverages such as wines and some merchants were known to bottle wine from casks.[3]

Notable vintagesEdit

Red winesEdit

Arabellan Dry 
A very dry wine best served at cellar temperatures.[1]
Berduskan Dark 
A dark, heavy, sweet, and burning wine, high in alcohol content.[1]
Blood Wine 
A heavy deep red wine from Aglarond, rumored to come from vines possessed by the spirits of cruel dead.[1]
Ruby colored, "distilled from sunshine and rare summer fruits" and flecked with gold.
Fire Wine
A thick and dark wine made in the Old Empires.[1]
Lathander's red 
A red wine brewed by the priests of Lathander in Dagger Falls.[4]
A red wine from the forests of the Yuirwood in Aglarond.[5]
Saerloonian Special Vat 
A pale red wine that left a tingle on the tongue.[1]
An extremely dark wine from Cormyr.
Westgate Ruby 
A bold, slightly acidic wine.[1]

White winesEdit

A wine that could only be found in Dambrath.[6]
Ondal's wine 
A batch of white or golden wines brewed by Ondal prior to the spellplague. The wine was infused with wild magic which released uncontrolled destructive magic when a bottle was opened.[7]
Saerloonian Glowfire 
A pale luminescent wine with a fresh taste.[1]
Saerloonian Topaz 
An amber-colored wine with a nutty taste.[1]
Stonesulder wine 
A yellow wine produced by crushing berries and vines found in the Abyss.[8]
Undermountain Alurlyath 
A rare sweet white wine.[1]

Fortified winesEdit

Heart of Wine 
A fortified wine found in Zakhara, made more potent by evaporating or freezing away the water as part of the aging process.[9]
A fortified sherry wine popular in Waterdeep.[10]

Mulled, spiced, or sweetened winesEdit

A blend of sweetened table wines.[1]
Also known as Rashemi firewine, a popular beverage in Rashemen.[11]
Spiced wine 
With spices from Calimshan and Tethyr. Also had medicinal value.[1]
Tethyrian tanagluth 
A red spiced wine from Cormyr.[12]

Wines of unspecified typeEdit

A sweet Cormyran wine.[13]
A wine consumed in Cormyr.[14]
A wine drunk in Cormyr[15]
Manycherries wine 
A wine popular in Waterdeep.[16]
Mint wine 
A wine drunk in Cormyr.[citation needed]

Other winesEdit

An extremely fine elven mead that was aged for hundreds of years.[1]
Gorgondy wine 
A gnomish wine made of water from magical pools.[17]
A delicate and slightly sweet wine from Neverwinter made of slowly fermented honey.[1]
Tashlutan Amberthroat 
An exotic light cider, enjoyed mostly by nobles.[citation needed]
Winter Wine 
A sweet purplish-blue vintage made from crushed frozen grapes.[1]

Notable vintnersEdit

Notable wine merchantsEdit

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