Winged serpents, also called “spark snakes,” were reptiles that lived in the jungles and forests of Zakhara. [1]


These snakes appeared with a variety of colors including sky blue, emerald, and raspberry red. A pair of gossamer wings moved so quickly that they were invisible unless stationary.[1]


Winged serpents were graceful and quick. Surprising one was very difficult. [1]

A bite from a winged serpent injected corrosive venom that burned the victim for several minutes.[1]

A winged serpent’s most dangerous attack was a special lightning-based breath weapon. If threatened, these snakes could discharge a shower of sparks that could cause clothing to burst into flame. These creatures were immune to electricity.[1]

Fire was especially damaging to their delicate wings. A winged serpent that lost their wings could not use their electrical breath weapon until they grew back.[1]


Winged serpents had an extremely high metabolism and needed to eat constantly to survive. Tropical fruit was their food of choice. A piece of fruit was injected with corrosive venom so it could be sucked out through special incisions in the snake’s fangs. Most winged serpents ate ten times their body weight in fruit each day.[1]

These creatures spent almost as much time mating as they did eating. The young were born with dark green coloration to help them blend in with their surroundings. Though wingless, these young possessed a spider climb ability so they could easily climb trees. Fully functional wings took three months to develop.[1]

These creatures did not keep a permanent lair nor did they hoard treasure.[1]


Winged serpents were vital for jungle ecology. They helped with plant fertilization by transporting pollen between fruit trees. Seeds from their diet were spread throughout their habitat.[1]

These creatures made excellent pets if captured as juveniles before their wings developed. While in captivity, winged serpents needed to consume an average of one hundred gold pieces worth of fruit each month to flourish. These creatures were able to learn tricks just like other trained animals.[1]

Wings from these reptiles could be used to inscribe scrolls of protection from lightning if powdered and mixed with ink. [1]



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