Winter Edge was a hamlet in the Silver Marches of Northwest Faerûn.[1]


West of the Moonwood, the hamlet was east of River Surbrin and near Mithral Hall located in the Frost Hills.[1]


Winter Edge has been gaining importance since Obould Manny Arrows besieged Mithral Hall and then Mithral Hall by aid of Citadel Felbarr succeeded to open east gate. Mithral Hall provide to trade other Silver Marches cities via Winter Edge . High Lady of Silverymoon Alustriel Silverhand promised to Bruenor Battlehammer ,king of Mithral Hall, help and trade via Winter Edge.[citation needed]


People of Winter Edge earn a living with trade and farming. Only humans live there but many times elves from north, specially Moonwood, or Silvermoon visit Winter Edge.[citation needed]




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