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Winterkeep is a ruin located on the southern tip of the Yal Tengri. East of Winterkeep are the Glittering Spires. On the surface, only rubble remains, but the extensive subterranean passageways and chambers remain mostly intact. The royal family and their servants retreated beneath the surface during winter storms; as a result these halls were comfortably furnished.[1]

To the Vil Adanrath Winterkeep is known as Iket Sotha.[2]


Winterkeep was built as a nobleman's estate, in the days of Raumathar. It later became a retreat for the royal family. After the fall of the empire, Winterkeep gradually fell to ruins. [1]

Current EventsEdit

In 1374 DR the gelugon Ultael enslaved several ice troll warbands and started to attempt to make a fiefdom for himself. He has sent several warbands out to raid along the Golden Way.[citation needed]


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