Winterwood was a vast woodland filled with pines and oaks and was the darkest forest in the region. The thick foliage from these tall tress blocked out the sunlight and a cool, light, white mist was commonly seen floating along the ground. The white mist was so dense it looks like newly fallen snow, especially on the edges of the forest when the morning light struck the it; hence its name: Winterwood.[2]


The secluded nature of Winterwood allowed a tribe of mold men to establish a territory in the northern reaches of the forest; they claimed their territory includes everything south of the Wintercloak river. This claim caused the tribe to remain at odds with the orcs of the White Hand. This band consisted of an amassed group of around 250 members who formed the village of Shen, which sat about four miles from the river in the very heart of the Winterwood. The ongoing dispute between these two factions made the Winterwood a dangerous locale to visit. South of the Wintercloak River was much more hospitable and an old male green dragon by the name of Foilsunder with druid powers, was said to lair about 20 miles or so to the south.[1][2]


The Ankhwood was once part of the Winterwood.[3]


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