Winthrop was the innkeep of the Candlekeep Inn in the 1360s DR. He was known for his good-humored nature and frequent jests.[1]


By 1368 DR, Winthrop appeared as a portly man, and was considered old by Candlekeep's youth. He had a noticeable Northern accent.[1][2]


Winthrop had a pleasant manner, even if his frequent jokes often bordered on the crude. He showed great pride in his inn, claiming it was "as clean as an elven arse", and that its rooms were "the best on the Sword Coast." He had a personal dislike for mercenaries. Winthrop's prices were considered fair, and he did his best to keep them as low as possible.[1][2]


Winthrop's adopted daughter, the Bhaalspawn Imoen, helped Winthrop run his inn by performing various chores, much to her annoyance. She referred to the innkeep as "Old Puffguts", which in turn annoyed him.[1] Despite their bickering, Imoen enjoyed Winthrop's company, and he taught her various roguish skills.[3]

He was friends with the Bhaalspawn known as Gorion's Ward, and would perform practical jokes at the Ward's expense.[1]

Winthrop felt Gorion, the Ward's foster father, was too stiff for his liking.[3]


Winthrop adopted Imoen in Baldur's Gate, after her mother died during childbirth. Together they traveled to Candlekeep, where Winthrop eventually began running the Candlekeep Inn.[2]


In addition to running the inn, Winthrop sold various merchandise, including both weapons and armor.[1] He kept a book with pictures of naked women in his room.[3]




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