The wizards of the Spiral Tower are a group of wizards trained in ancient methods of the Feywild, as part of a tradition initiated at Corellon’s own behest. Practicing ancient lessons passed down by Corellon’s most devoted followers, wizards of the Spiral Tower are deadly arcane spellcasters who have learned to use Corellon’s favored weapon, the longsword, as an implement in a manner similar to swordmages, using their blade as both a weapon and an implement. With time, a wizard of the Spiral Tower’s longsword becomes fused with the power of the Feywild itself.[1]


The ancient traditions of the wizards of the Spiral Tower have many benefits. Among the most basic lessons a wizard of the Spiral Tower learns is how to use their longsword as an implement, mirroring the capacities of any other be it a wand, staff, or some other wizardly implement. Wizards of the Spiral Tower also have a limited capacity to recall the use of any spell they have already cast, although at the cost of some of their energy. With further initiation into the traditions of a wizard of the Spiral Tower a mage learns to reflexively shine powerful and deadly light at an enemy that attempts to invade or injure their mind.[1]

Wizards of the Spiral Tower use spells that work well with a longsword. For instance, Corellon’s blade require the use of a weapon, which the caster uses to create a burst of arcane energy. Shape the dream, a spell that requires the use of an implement, allows a wizard of the Spiral Tower to alter the fabric of reality, reversing the actions of nearby foes.[1]


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