The Wolfwere is the offspring of werewolves and natural wolves.[citation needed]

Inhabiting out of the way places, the hated and feared wolfwere is the bane of humans and demihumans alike, for it is able to take the form of a human male or female of considerable charisma.[1]


In either its true shape or that of man, the wolfwere slyly hunts, slays, and devours its favored prey-men, halflings, elves, etc. Additionally, the wolfwere can halfchange, gain human-like arms and legs, and wield a human weapon. It can still bite in this form. Worst of all, however, is the monster’s song. Listeners are overcome with lethargy, just as if they had been slowed by a slow spell.[1] Its true shape, and that in which it prefers to spend the vast majority of its time, is that of a large wolf. When in this state, it is almost indistinguishable from a dire wolf. When a wolfwere is attempting to lure humans or demihumans into an ambush, it will assume the shape of a member of their race. Almost without exception, the new persona will not be of the same sex as the potential victim. Thus, a wolfwere which is stalking a male elf will transform itself into a female elf. In all cases, the newly disguised wolfwere will have exceptional physical beauty.[2]


A wolfwere will quite frequently run with a pack of, normal wolves rarely, or worgs mostly. When strong prey is encountered, the monster will slip away to its lair, don human garb, and approach the victims in the guise of a pilgrim, minstrel, tinker, or similar wanderer. Of times the wolfwere will carry a stringed instrument to play upon, so its crooning will not arouse suspicion. It must be noted that a great enmity exists between wolfwere and werewolves. The wolfwere are disgusted by wolvesbane and shun it if possible.[1]


The wolfwere is a sly and dangerous adversary. In addition to its great fury and fighting prowess, its high intelligence must not be overlooked or underestimated. When a wolfwere first spots unsuspecting humans or demihumans in its territory, it will change into its fully humanoid form and assume the guise of a pilgrim, minstrel, or similar wanderer. The wolfwere will normally carry some form of stringed instrument which it seems to absent-mindedly play at while it travels. The true nature of its song, however, is terrible and often fatal. Anyone who hears the wolfwere's song and when a wolfwere is ready to attack, the creature again changes its shape. Now, in a form which is half-wolf and half-human (or demihuman), it strikes. The wolfwere will almost always change into this form when it engages in combat because it has the ability to bite like a wolf and also wield a weapon of some type. In any form but its fully humanoid one, the creature can delivery a savage bite with its powerful jaws. It is this mode of attack which the monster prefers to employ above all others.[2]



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