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Womford was a tiny village on the banks of the River Dessarin.[1]


The settlement of Womford, according to local legend, was to have originally been called "Ironford". The name supposedly changed to "Wyrmford" after a dragon was defeated in the area. Due to the accent of the locals, the pronunciation of Wyrmford was altered, hence the name "Womford".[1]

In 1491 DR, smugglers from Womford allied themselves with the Cult of the Crushing Wave, allowing cultists to get materials and food while setting up a base in Rivergard Keep.[1]


Womford's economy was based off of the grain from surrounding farms. The village had several granaries and a grist mill. Womford relied on the river for exporting grains from nearby farms.[1]

The dock allowed for the grain and flour to be shipped to other communities along the Dessarin River. There was an under-culture of bandits, smugglers, and river pirates that used the dock for nefarious purposes.[1]


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