The Wood of Sharp Teeth, formerly called the Glimmerwood,[1] was a dense forest south of the Chionthar, southeast of Baldur's Gate and southwest of Scornubel. It was a wilderness except for Durlag's Tower on the forest's southern edge. Uldoon Trail was the nearest route to the forest. The forest contained the site of the ruined (as of 1374 DR) city of Vehlarr.[2]

Supported by organic-rich soil, this forest was dominated by large specimens of moisture-loving trees such as swamp white oak, black willow, and green ash which tower over thick undergrowth.[3]

Before it was named Wood of Sharp Teeth, it was called Glimmerwood by elves of Askavar who no longer lived there.[1]

By 1369 DR, the Twisted Rune had placed a magical gate in the area to allow for instantaneous movement to other locations.[4]

As of 1434 DR,[citation needed] the forest had been renamed the Werewoods. Former Grand Duke Valarken was rumored to live there after his failed coup in Baldur's Gate. He and his lycanthropic followers were trying to rebuild Vehlarr.[5] Ikhal, Valarken's lieutenant, was preparing to attack Baldur's Gate and invade it with his army of werewolves. This plan was later thwarted by the Flaming Fists who then kept a steady eye on the Werewoods and Valarken's lycanthrope army.[citation needed]


The forest was home to satyrs, dryads, and a small number of werewolves, and some believe wolfweres also dwelled within.[2]


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