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The Wormwrithings are a series of twisting tunnels located to the north and west of Blingdenstone. Believed to have been created by a colony of purple worms, it is now the home of many small tribes of kobolds who are beset by many larger predators. Before the drow attack on their city, the svirfneblin of Blingdenstone used to track the purple worms still living in the area as their excretions often contained precious metals and stones. Due to their racial emnity, the gnomes and kobolds often came into conflict as well.

Some believe that there is a connection between the Wormwrithings and the surface since the Urlbluk kobold tribe that lives by the headwaters of the Goblintide River are ruled by the same matriarchal system that the various tribes of the Wormwrithings are.



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