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Woto Jubojiro was an old bushi in Wa around 1357 DR.[1]


Jubojiro was a soldier in the army of Matasuuri Nagahide. One day, during the suppression of a korobokuru insurrection, his platoon was ambushed and destroyed, and only Jubojiro survived by escaping into a cave. There he freed a bee from a spider's web and later in a dream the bee showed him defeating the korobokuru leading a bee swarm.

Jubojiro believed he had a sure position in Nagahide's army but, around 1346 DR, after becoming shogun, Nagahide reorganized the army, firing many bushi, among them Jubojiro. Therefore, he started a new life as a beekeeper near Juzimura but over time developed a resentment against the shogunate for their preference for younger bushi in command positions. He wanted to retaliate.[1]



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