The Wraith of the Inner Sea were a mercenary company based in the Sea of Fallen Stars.[1]


The Wraith had three ships the Sea Queen, the Sea Horse, and the Sea Quest. Each ship had onboard 200 crew members, 50 marines, and seven wizards. the capital ship was the Sea Queen. They were a long-standing fleet of privateers.[1]


Around 1358 DR, they lost their fourth ship Sea Jewel at the hand of the former mercenary unit the Agency.[1]


The wraith took 250 gold piece for a week for each ship, plus the patron need payed damages. They still waited that Turmish refunded them the loss of the Sea Jewel.[1]


Their leader Kreodo was a vicious individual, but always accepted an enemy's surrender. Her officers were unscrupulous but totally devoted to her.[1]



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