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The Wu-haltai were a collection of human tribes living mainly in the eastern part of the Ama Basin in Kara-Tur.[1]


The Wu-haltai lived in small villages, hunting, fishing, and growing some crops. (The climate in their lands was much more favorable for agriculture than in heart of the continent.) Each tribe consisted of families ruled by a chieftain. In the management of the tribe, shamans did not play a large role.[1]

Wu-haltai shamans did play an important role, however, in the area of religion. Many tribes were very devout and superstitious. Because of this, they were more highly respected by the gods than the other tribes of the Northern Wastes of Kara-Tur.[1]

Many Wu-haltai villages were isolated in the woods or on the seashore. Many villages were strictly independent entities and rarely maintained contact with the other villages. Each member of a village was obliged to work and contribute to livelihood of the community.[1]

The Wu-haltai had a rich and diverse culture, and each village had its own legends and folklore. Stories were often acted out with singing and dancing, and because in these lands writing was not known, storytellers were extremely popular.[1]



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