Wulver Xornnag was Pommarch on the Council of Six in Amn from 1345 DR to 1362 DR being previously Dahaunarch from 1342 DR to 1345, the Lord of House Xornnag from 1337 DR. He was always a step ahead of his opponents and a master in framing others for his failures.[1]

In 1362 after was made public the Golden Legion's report about Maztica Amn was plagued by a campaign of assassinations among high-ranking merchants. So the Council restricted all transoceanic trade, requiring that such trade be approved and licensed by the Six. The Namarch investigating about this matter discovered that Wulver had secretly financed a personal fleet to Maztica with the goal to became the supreme ruler of New Amn, breaking from the Council and revealing the Council’s identities to the highest bidders.[2]

However Wulver professed to being framed. Under pressure he decided to secretly ally with Meisarch Thayze Selemchant to kill the Namarch but with the plan to kill also Thayze.[citation needed]

The first step of the plan worked well and the Namarch was killed but Thayze managed to defeat Xornnag's assassins. However after subdued Xornnag Thayze incautiously drunk a poisoned wine prepared by Wulver. With his last energies however Thayze killed the laughing Pommarch with his magic.[1]



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