Wyllowwood is an area of Undermountain.


There are numerous ways to enter Wyllowwood, although none are immediately apparent.

  • There is a magical gate hidden behind a wooden door in the basement of Twice as Nice, a shop off the Street of Lances in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep. The gate inflicts a poisonous disease on anyone who passes through it.[1]
  • In the basement of Builders' Hall, the guildhall of the Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters & Tile-makers,[2], in the South Ward of Waterdeep, two statues of dancing figures act as a gate to Trobiand's Graveyard. A person must skip between the statues and focus on Undermountain in order to be transported.[1]
  • A large stone urn in the northeast corner of Heroes' Garden in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep links to a pool near to the edge of the underground forest in Wyllowwood. The urn must be more than half full of water to function, and anyone being transported runs the risk of being affected by one of a number of magical conditions at random.[1]
  • There exists an area of dead trees about three miles to the east of Waterdeep's East Torch Tower. The largest tree has a hollow trunk, and if a person stands on their left leg inside the hollow trunk, they will be transported to Wyllowwood.[1]
  • There is a pair of stone arches near Seaeye's March near the Gulf Leap, 100 yards south of the Field of Triumph in Waterdeep. Anyone who walks between the arches when the full moon is shining on them is transported to Wyllowwood, but all their potions are stripped from their possession and faerie fire is cast upon them. If however the moon disappears behind a cloud during the transportation, the person ends up being transported to a random position within Undermountain.[1]
  • There is a circle of standing stones north of Waterdeep. If an individual walks inside the circle while clouds cast a shadow over them, he or she is transported to a random location within Wyllowwood's underground forest.[3]
  • There is an old elven tune etched near the ceiling between two pale blue columns in the House of Song, the guildhall of the Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, and Choristers, in the Trade Ward of Waterdeep. If this song is played, a gate opens between the columns and transports those who step through it into the river in Wyllowwood.[1]


Many of the inhabitants of Wyllowwood worship the Beast Lord Malar. The area is well-suited to Malarites because it is near a large forest, yet underground and quite private. Most of the High Hunts that are conducted by Wyllowwood's Malarite inhabitants are conducted in this forest. The hunt's winner is determined by the person who has collected the most shields and skulls in a one-month period, and Malar grants this person more powerful spells.[3]


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