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A wyvern was a large winged lizard with a stinging tail and sharp teeth. They had dark brown or grey bodies, around 15' (4.6 m) in length, weighing around a ton. They were not greatly intelligent although they did speak Draconic fluently. They were not averse to attacking anything less powerful than themselves. Their sleek, strong legs proved very useful for attack.[2][note 1]


Wyverns were created by the aearee of Viakoo in −30,700 DR.[3]


Wyverns were used as mounts by various races and cultures, including Zhentarim skymages[4] and the extradimensional marauder Imgig Zu.[5]

Wvyern hide was used in bookbindings.[6]

The wyvern's poisonous barbed tail could be used for poison darts.[citation needed]



  1. Although normally depicted with only two legs, some sources, such as the ADD comic "The Gathering", show wyverns with four legs like dragons. The scorpion-like sting on the tail suggests it is in fact a wyvern.



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