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Coat-of-arms of House Wyvernspur

Wyvernspur is a noble house of Cormyr.

  • seat in Immersea [1]
  • seat is Redstone Castle, the most prominent local building, a fortified sandstone manor house on a high hill just south of town [2]
  • described as petty nobles, their manor in Immersea is called Redstone [3]
  • Wyvernspur House in Suzail [4]
  • holdings in Hultail [5]
  • owns most of the land surrounding Wyvernwater and the Wyvernflow, bringing substantial wealth and political influence.[6]
  • King often calls upon this family to fund projects in their area and near Hullack Forest.[6]
  • a family gift (or curse) that at least some have is the ability to transform into a wyvern.[7]
  • in the event of Azoun IV's death during the Abraxus incident, like most of the families with country estates this family favored a Vangerdahast regency instead of a ruling council.[8]
  • granted all Cormaeril lands after the Cormaerils were stripped of title and land after the Abraxus affair; this should quintuple the income and responsibilities of House Wyvernspur.[9]
  • the Hullack Forest is mentioned as belonging to the Wyvernspurs [10][11]

Living membersEdit

As at ?what date?

Deceased membersEdit


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