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Xan wistfully speaks of his home in the elven stronghold of Evereska, and his role as a Greycloak. It was apparently decreed that he was to investigate the events of the iron shortage, determine who or what were the causes, and ascertain whether there was a greater threat to the region as a whole. This was definitely not a small task, and he accepted the responsibility with a great deal of dread. You get the feeling, however, that he approaches everything with a great deal of dread. He has devoted his life to improving his mastery of magic and has become a skilled wizard, though this dedication has left him little time to make friends or acquire any other pastimes. He strikes you as very capable, though probably not the best influence on morale.
  — Character description from the Baldur's Gate computer game.

Xan was an elf who appeared in both the Baldur's Gate computer game and novelization.

The NovelEdit

Xan was an elf with a sense of humor as well as a good streak of luck who befriended Abdel Adrian, Khalid, and Jaheira. He was found in a smelly place below the mines of Nashkel by Abdel. His caretaker for his time there was a disgusting half-orc. He got in a fight with Khalid after Abdel punched Jaheira in the face by accident, thinking it was Khalid's doing and calling him "breed". Xan followed Korak into a spider den and was decapitated by a large spider.

The Game Edit

Xan was one of up to twelve NPCs (non-playing characters) in the computer game version of Baldur's Gate. In the game he was a pessimistic elven wizard from Evereska who the Bhaalspawn finds in the Nashkel mines after he'd been captured by Mulahey's kobolds. Xan had his own flaming Moonblade and belonged to an organization called the Greycloaks. In the game Icewind Dale it is discovered that he also has a cousin named Erevain who died while adventuring. Upon defeating Sarevok and the last of his followers Xan left to return back to Evereska and never leave it again. Xan also appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, but only in the tutorial.

Xan's cousin Erevain appears in Icewind Dale but during the events of the game, his corpse is discovered, along with his journal which speaks of Xan fondly.

There is also an extensive mod for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn which adds Xan to the game as a joinable NPC.

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