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Xanathar was one of most infamous beholders of the Realms and the crime lord of the Xanathar Thieves' Guild in Skullport.[1]


Xanathar was originally a follower of Xantriph of Zhentil Keep. He was sent by the Zhentarim to Waterdeep to destroy the Lords of Waterdeep and establish a ruler allied to the Zhents. However, he soon started to act independently, establishing a new thieves' guild and disappearing. He later led a great thieves' guild and only his four lieutenants—Slan Thurbel, Slink Monteskor, Ott Steeltoes, and Shindia Darkeyes—knew his true nature and aspirations.[1]

His ruin came circa 1370 DR with the Eye, who manipulated another Skullport beholder, Uthh, into killing Xanathar and afterwards secretly replaced him.[2]


Xanathar greatly enjoyed been a crime lord just under the nose of the Waterdeep's Lords. Xanathar very liked finely prepared foods, scented oils, and spiced southern tobaccos and herbs.[1]


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