Xanathar's Thieves' Guild was run by a paranoid elder beholder.[2]


This slaver network was the most powerful on the Sword Coast and often acted as a buffer against other evil organizations unintentionally. They operated out of Skullport.[3]



Xanathar's Thieves Guild (from left): Avaereene, Colstan Rhuul, Shindia Darkeyes, Slink Monteskor, the Xanathar, Randulaith , Ott Steeltoes, and Slan Thurbel.

Members of the guild were trained in stealth, discretion, and tactics with fighters, rogues, sorcerers, wizards, and experts which comprised most of its numbers. An ever-growing organization, it utilized multiple mouthpieces to protect and conceal the identity of the Xanathar. To join a member had to prove their ruthlessness and obedience in a test of loyalty, which usually involved killing or selling a friend or family member into slavery, as well as paying 300 gp. The typical agent earned dues of 60 gp a month.[1]

Notable membersEdit


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