Xanderdross Valenz was a drow in the new community of Spiderhaven inside Undermountain in 1375 DR.[1]


Xanderdross and his sister were sent to Spiderhaven in order to discover the cause of the destruction of the citadel of Belkram's Fall. In the meantime, they worked for anyone who paid them.[1]


Xanderdross made little effort to hide his dislike for all non-drow creatures. He was very protective of his sister, always following her directives as dictated by his drow education.[1]


Xanderdross and his sister Zhallandra Valenz offered their services as investigators and finders of lost things. They directed a network of goblin spies to collect information about the citadel.[1]


Xanderdross was always with his sister Zhallandra.[1]



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